Capturing Haunting Flavors


My inspiration for writing India’s Unsurpassed Cuisine is based on my personal life experience after I married my American husband and came to live in sunny Southern California.  The first six months of marriage in a strange new world were too bewildering for words.  I could not comprehend the depression that overcame me as a result of this ‘culture shock.’  I lost twenty pounds, suffered from a severe case of homesickness and most of all missed my mother’s delicious cooking… I knew if I did not do something about this, I would surely die of malnutrition.  Although I did not know how to cook, I took matters into my hands and eventually found a store in Hollywood that sold Indian curry spices and herbs.  I experimented for three years in my kitchen to capture the haunting flavors of my mother’s kitchen and taught myself the connection to stay healthy and remain healthy.  I burned many pots and pans and visited the Sears Home Store regularly, served my husband burnt rice, and distressed my neighbors with ‘strange’ aromas.  But with persistence I finally learned how to mix and use the different spices and master the art of Indian curry cooking.

Having fulfilled my passionate longing for authentic Indian cuisine to stay healthy and keep my body, mind, and spirit happy,  I typed one recipe a day on my IBM  typewriter.  Eighteen months later I had over 500 recipes for a trilogy of cookbooks.   Many rejections later, Contemporary Books, Inc. published my first cookbook Feast of India: A Legacy of Recipes and Fables (1991), followed by McGraw Hill, Inc.  Twenty-five years later, my book went out of print and iUniverse Publishing reprinted it.  They also published my second cookbook India’s Unsurpassed Cuisine with the Editor’s Choice designation because it is more than just a cookbook.  The priceless therapeutic benefits of curry spices and herbs utilized in this extraordinary cuisine are known to soothe the nervous system, increase internal body heat to relieve chills, and strengthen and promote digestion, absorption, metabolism, and circulation.

This is not rocket science, but a simple ‘How To’ cooking guide for preparing authentic healthy Indian cuisine.  I want to show young people that they can improve the circumstances in their lives by staying healthy and eating the right foods:

  • We are what we eat
  • Health is wealth
  • The magic of curry is in blending and sautéing spices (masala)

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