Ancient Remedy to Soothe the Stomach

Vanity should have no place where our health is concerned.  My maternal grandfather introduced us to the virtues of drinking warm boiled water (garam pani).  “A plant needs water to stay healthy, and so do you,” he said .  The proper use of water or the irrigation of the body is crucial to good health.  Our body needs 10-14 glasses or a minimum of two quarts of water a day to do its work properly or the body system suffers.

Nearly all foods contain water.  Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of pure water.

Ayurveda (science of life: body, mind, and spirit), the culinary wisdom of ancient India recommends drinking warm boiled water all year round for good health.   Water (pani) is the only refreshing drink that quenches thirst because it is considered unconditionally wholesome, natural and light to digest.  Drinking water at the beginning of a meal slows down gastric fire (agni)* and weakens power of digestion and can cause indigestion and gas.  The intake of water should be completed at least 30 minutes to one hour before meals and after meals.  Upon awakening in the morning, drinking a glass of warm water helps to stimulate the bowels and bladder.  Ice cold drinks retard digestion and shock the stomach walls, especially after exercise.   Avoid cold water when there is discomfort or pain.

By taking responsibility for our dietary wellbeing, we can learn to live in harmony and peace with ourselves and others.

Boil a kettle of cold water.  Cool and drink a glass of warm water when needed.


*ability to digest and assimilate food


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