About the Book

A good curry is not only delicious to eat; it has become an important healthy culinary choice for many people around the world.  My curry cookbook covers two styles of Indian cooking.  The first is the simple home-cooking style of the average person living in rural or urban areas.  No matter how poor the people are, the food is always freshly prepared without preservatives, seasoned with the appropriate healthful spices and herbs, and appetizingly served with tea or chai and a yogurt-based drink called lhassi.

The second is the classic haute cuisine or Mughal-style (Mughalai) cooking, which is a combination of Persian (developed by the Abbasid Caliphs of Baghdad between the eighth and tenth centuries at the height of their power), central Asian, and northern Indian cuisine using elaborate sauces and great attention to detail.

We are what we eat.  My new book India’s Unsurpassed Cuisine is masterfully adapted for use in any kitchen and includes a dazzling repertoire of spectacular kebabs, curried pasta, chutneys, vegetarian and non vegetarian entrees, basmati rice, breads, legumes, seductive desserts, and nourishing drinks.

There is absolutely nothing like curry to make body, mind, and spirit happy. Rani attests, “Curry awakens the mind, arouses the senses, and makes us energetic and cheerful.”